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Floor Pairings: How to Match Different Flooring in Your Home

Few homes are built with only one type of flooring. Tile, carpeting, and hardwood often coexist. Instead of choosing each flooring separately, why not try to match them together? This could have a major impact on the flow and style of your home. Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake has compiled some of our favorite flooring trios. Dark Hardwood, Gray…
Tile backsplash in White Bear Lake

3 Classic Backsplash Choices for Your Kitchen

A beautiful backsplash can be the focal point of a kitchen. However, you’ll get the best value out of your investment if you choose a tile backsplash that is classic and timeless, and will appeal to future homebuyers! Fortunately, our expert team here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake can help guide you to the most popular and versatile…
Minimalist hardwood flooring White Bear Lake

Creating a Minimalist Aesthetic with Hardwood Flooring

When planning a minimalist aesthetic for your Woodbury home, less is definitely more. Selecting the right flooring will largely contribute to the overall look you are trying to create. Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake has prepared a hardwood flooring guide to help you achieve all of your minimalist décor dreams! Choosing Your Colors In general, extreme lights and darks…
Mid Century Modern Design White Bear Lake

Infographic: What is Your Design Aesthetic?

We work with a lot of different homeowners here in the greater White Bear Lake area, and that means we see a lot of different interior aesthetics. Let us help you craft your dream home with a unique or timeless floor from our nearly endless variety of styles here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake.…
Maple Hardwood White Bear Lake

How to Choose Hardwood For Your Home

Thinking about installing hardwood floors in your White Bear Lake home? The local experts here at Floor Coverings International can help you find the perfect wood that fits your home, lifestyle, and budget. Get started here and call us to schedule a free design consultation and estimate.     Photo Credits: © Zuzana Susterova, ©…
glass tile kitchen backsplash in White Bear Lake

Infographic: A Guide to Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Something as simple as a new backsplash can transform how your kitchen looks and feels. See what the experts at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake have to say about backsplash tiles!   Photo credits: Elena Elisseeva, ML Harris, John Wollwerth, DD Images  
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Interview with Minneapolis Interior Designer Katie Kurtz

At Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we love to inspire and inform. We know that a secret to a beautiful home is more than amazing flooring. That’s why we introduced our Designer Influencer Interview Series, to give you a peek at the latest trends in home design. Our latest interview features the uber talented Minneapolis-based interior designer Katie Kurtz.…
Holly Marder

Interview with Interior Designer Holly Marder

At Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we love to bring you creative insight and perspectives from some of the world’s most successful design bloggers. Our latest interview features the amazingly talented interior design journalist Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle. You can follow Holly on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Please tell us a little about yourself. I am an…