fabric-406897_640-300x200A growing concern for many homeowners these days is the sustainability of their building materials. Being eco-friendly is an important consideration for many people and many builders, and using renewable resources is an excellent way to do that. When people think about renewable flooring materials, the options that tend to come to mind most readily are hardwood replacements such as bamboo and cork. But there are also eco-friendly carpeting options available! Made from everything from wool to plant fibers, natural fiber carpets are renewable, sustainable, and naturally beautiful. Two of the most popular options are sisal and seagrass. Sisal is a type of agave, while seagrass is a form of saltwater reed. If you’re unsure which of these options is best for your home, let Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake help you out, with the pros and cons of sisal vs. seagrass carpeting!

Appearance and Texture

Sisal and seagrass both feature the characteristically natural look of plant fiber carpets, an undyed, woven appearance that fits with most décor styles due to its neutral beauty. Sisal tends to be lighter, in tones of creamy beige and white, while seagrass can show greenish tints when it is new. In terms of texture, sisal tends to be fairly rough to the touch, because it is so durable. Seagrass on the other hand is very smooth and silky. In fact, it can even be slippery, so don’t use it on stairs!


Sisal in particular is known for its durability. Made from the tough fibers of the sisal agave, sisal carpets and rugs stand up well to high traffic areas such as hallways or busy living rooms. On the other hand, seagrass is remarkably good at resisting stains, so sisal is great for where people walk, and seagrass is ideal for rooms prone to stains.


Sisal can be a little pricy, but it’s possible to find both sisal and seagrass carpets and rugs at affordable prices, just let Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake help you!


Sisal and seagrass rugs are both fairly low maintenance. Regular vacuuming should be enough to keep them looking clean and new. It’s important to remember though, that you shouldn’t steam clean or wet shampoo natural fiber rugs, so if you’re someone who really gets a thrill out of deep cleaning their carpets, maybe you should stick to nylon.

To learn more about the natural fiber carpet options available from Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake, give us a call today!

Photo by Life-Of-Pix, used under Public Domain through Creative Commons License Zero (CC0 1.0).