Berber carpet is a popular and often misunderstood flooring option. The confusion comes primarily from the name “Berber,” which is not a brand, but a carpet weave. Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we offer a wide range of Berber carpet options for our customers. This durable flooring material could be the perfect thing for your White Bear Lake, North Oaks & Shoreview area home or business.


Berber carpet White Bear Lake


A Quick History of Berber


The name Berber refers to the North African tribe that originally created today’s durable looped Berber carpet design. The Berber people create carpets by affixing both ends of individual wool fibers or camel hairs to a secure backing. The loops are much more durable than single thread fibers affixed at only one end. To this day, the Berber people use this method to create blankets, rugs, and cloaks. The modern carpet industry has adopted this method to create the popular Berber carpets you find in stores and online.


Signature Colors


You can often identify a Berber carpet by its color. Most Berber carpets are created in natural tones, and they often feature darker flecks throughout. This simple design helps to hide imperfections, and matches easily with a range of décor schemes.


Pros & Cons of Berber


The unique looped design of Berber carpets offers a range of great benefits. The first is durability. Looped fibers resist fraying and crushing even in high traffic areas. The tight loops also help to stop water or other liquids from being absorbed deep into your carpet. This helps to resist stains and other types of moisture damage. Lastly, Berber carpets offer a lot more traction than plush carpets. Consequently, people often install Berber on staircases.


If you have pets with strong claws, you might want to think about avoiding Berber carpet. If the tight loops of a Berber carpet are snagged and begin to unravel, repairs can be difficult. In most cases, this won’t be a concern, and the durability of Berber will ensure it lasts for years.


Do you think Berber is right for your home or business? Contact us today at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake! We offer free in-home consultations and estimates to the greater White Bear Lake, North Oaks & Shoreview area.


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