Maple hardwood in White Ber Lake

If you’re looking for new hardwood flooring for your home or business, maple could be the perfect choice. Learn more about this popular wood option from our experts at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake

Tons of Options

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Maple hardwood flooring is the material’s versatility. Natural Maple tends to have a lighter appearance, and that appearance can be made even lighter with certain stains and treatments, or you can lend your Maple flooring a rich, dark appearance with coffee-colored stains. Darker woods are a little less flexible in shade and color, but it’s not unusual to see Maple flooring in every shade from ivory white to charcoal black, and even stained with subtle coloring, like cranberry red.

Choosing Your Shade

Selecting a shade isn’t too difficult: If you want a room to feel open and inviting, a lighter color will usually complement natural light and open windows. A darker color feels more homey and warm for bedrooms or sitting around the fireplace. But these aren’t “rules,” just guidelines. If you love the way sunlight looks on a darker Maple floor, there’s no reason you can’t have it installed in your living room.

Solid vs. Engineered Maple Flooring

Deciding between solid Maple or engineered Maple is more of a technical decision than one of personal choice, of course. The main difference between solid and engineered hardwood is how they hold up to changes in temperature. Minnesota winters can get very cold, and this might not be too much of an issue if you keep your internal temperature even all year round, but if your White Bear Lake home is a vacation spot, then that flooring is going to be left to the mercy of mother nature for months on end.

Solid hardwood also tends to be more sensitive to moisture. Minnesota isn’t the most humid state, but if you spill a glass of water, you’ll want to be sure to mop it up as soon as possible.

Engineered hardwood flooring is more durable, low-maintenance, and is more compatible with a radiant heating system for your floor. The only real downside is that it can’t be refinished as many times. Engineered Maple flooring will have a thin layer of Maple on top, with engineered layers underneath that improve the floor’s durability. This means that you can’t sand the top layer too many times before you’re scraping down into the engineered layers.


In short: Engineered Maple is an easy choice if you’re looking for something that’s low-maintenance, while solid hardwood can potentially last much longer, but only if you’re willing to devote the time and attention into maintenance.

Whatever shade you choose, whether you opt for solid or engineered hardwood, Maple is one of the most durable, visually appealing and inviting materials available. Contact Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake today to learn more about hardwood flooring!


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Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan