the ease of shopping - the samples are brought right to your door
Jerry & Sharon Johnson
My install was supposed to happen in early May. They are STILL not done!
Debra Casper
The installers were very very good, professional, friendly and did a great job. They took their time to do it right.
Robert Miller
I would have liked a better estimate of how long actual installation would take.
Toni Osojnicki
The contractors left our carpets a mess, broke our house, dinged walls, got tile debris on our classic car in our garage (as well as our other two cars and throughout garage), left trash on our bathroom counters and wet floor throughout our home (which is a safety hazard to our toddler). Then, floor coverings international said they'd send cleaners to our home. Cleaners never came and my husband had to take a day off work for it. We feel like our house disrespected from the contractors and Floor Coverings international is not taking responsibility/too busy to deal with us.
Laura and Patrick Greenwell
Lighten up on your payment terms and get installers that show up.
Dreamodel- Neild, James- PM Darren
Carpet-layers replaced furniture sloppily and cleaned up poorly; e.g., 3 cutting blades left scattered on driveway, and many small carpet pieces left all over house and worst near entrance. Also communicated poorly regarding padding for the 3rd of 3 rooms; initially said they didn't have enough to complete the job, then after some phone calls somehow pieced together enough?? Left me concerned about quality of 3rd room. Also still no follow-up from salesman Cory regarding out concerns.
Danielle and Paul Peterson
I believe his name was Eric that installed the flooring. He wanted to do a good job and he did. He is a nice young man and he gave me suggestions on a problem with some flooring that was put in by someone else.
Pat Krumm
Fast, professional and great communication.
Susan Stanich
Our home looks like a brand new home.
Merlyn Riebeling