Beautiful quality products.
Julie Rudie
Service was great! Looking forward to working with Kyle and company in the future.
Tom Peterson
They do a good job. Still waiting for the carpet to be stretched. I am sure they will do a good job.
Audrey Szymansky
Selection process was easy because possible choices were narrowed down. Also I didn't have to bring home multiple samples from a store and return. I got an objective opinion about what looked good in my home.
Nancy Wearne
From start to finish everyone was so understanding. They listen and ALWAYS answered my questions and concerns. My Floors are wonderful Everyone gave FIRST RATE SERVICE Their installation and cleaning up was first rate I would very much recommend this company. Especially Kyle + Steve Office was always very pleasant and helpful THANK YOU 😊 Babs K
Barbara Komac
As per Gretchen Estes, "she was very satisfied with the bathroom floor repair and very happy in having you do the work." I do not live in St. Paul but as a friend to Gretchen, I went asked Home Advisor for a recommendation on who to hire to repair her bathroom floor. Gretchen does not own a computer, therefore she asked me to help her find someone to do the repair work for her. Paul Smrekar
Gretchen Estes
the ease of shopping - the samples are brought right to your door
Jerry & Sharon Johnson
My install was supposed to happen in early May. They are STILL not done!
Debra Casper
The installers were very very good, professional, friendly and did a great job. They took their time to do it right.
Robert Miller
I would have liked a better estimate of how long actual installation would take.
Toni Osojnicki