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Excuse our pun, but here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we’re getting fired up about stone tile flooring this month. Did you know that stone is one of the only types of flooring that looks better as it ages? You do now! While stone has its flaws (this stunning option will definitely keep you busy on upkeep and maintenance), there’s a reason why it’s a classic choice of artists, architects, and designers. This month, we’re sharing a few of the White Bear Lake team’s favorite things about this timeless flooring option.


  1. Beauty, beauty, beauty


It can’t be said enough that stone tile is one of the most visually impressive design choices you can make. Whether you prefer to incorporate granite, marble, limestone, or slate, a stone entry way gives guests a brilliant first impression of your home and sets the stage for the rest of your interior. The elegance of stone can be warmed by placing it as an accent in a living room or emphasized by making it the focal point of a dream kitchen. Whatever your style, stone tile flooring can add an instantly recognizable sense of grandeur to your home.


  1. Resale value


Stone tile flooring is an initial investment, but as we mentioned above, it is the only type of flooring that improves with age. To put it simply, stone never goes out of style, and the time you put into your stone tile installation and upkeep won’t diminish in value as it would with other types of flooring.


  1. Sustainability


Stone is a natural part of our world, and it’s a natural choice for those who like to keep their homes as green as possible. Just look to the castles of Europe to see the wonders of stone’s durability; stone tile flooring is a sustainable choice that will remain in place in your home for many, many, years to come. Stone’s properties as a natural conductor also mean it is a wonderful choice for homeowners who prefer under-floor heating. Your stone tile will allow the heat to rise and warm your home while cutting down on your monthly bills.


If stone tile sounds like a fit for your home, or you’d like to learn more about it’s eco-friendly properties, contact our experts at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake. We’re happy to help you choose the stone tile that fits your style and your budget.


Photo Credit: Enrique Ramos