Gray hardwood floors in White Bear LakeAre you getting tired of your old, dusty carpet or dated tile? Do you want to make your house feel new again? Maybe it’s time to give your home a flooring update! While hardwood flooring is always a popular choice, certain styles of hardwood have become particularly trendy for 2017. If you’re looking for a stylish flooring choice for your White Bear Lake home, consider one of these picks from our Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake experts:


Most distressed hardwood flooring is new wood that is made to look old using a machine. Certain procedures are used to make the wood look aged and weathered for added character. However, the extra time and care it takes to produce distressed floors means that they will also be more expensive.


Like distressed hardwood, hand-scraped flooring is made to look like it has vintage personality, particularly when it comes to texture. Using either hand or machine, hand-scraped planks are carved to create a subtly uneven surface. Though hand-scraped floors won’t necessarily look aged and weathered like distressed floors, they tend to have a rustic, natural appearance.


While distressed and hand-scraped hardwood is just made to look old, reclaimed hardwood is the real deal. Often times, wood logs and beams are collected from old houses and barns to make reclaimed hardwood flooring. This means the wood is naturally aged and imperfect. Plus, it’s eco-friendly since the wood is recycled rather than newly harvested.

Wide Plank

Older styles of hardwood flooring are usually made with narrow planks, often only 2 ¼” wide. However, wide plank styles have recently become a popular choice for homeowners who want a more contemporary look. These planks are usually between 3 ¼” and 6” wide. They display the wood’s grain more prominently and can also make rooms feel more open.


For a contemporary choice, try cool-toned hardwoods. Gray hardwood floors, which give a clean, minimal look, have become particularly trendy in modern homes. Gray hardwoods are usually available prefinished, but can also be finished on site. Just be aware that specialty stains and finishes like gray may be more expensive than traditional choices.

Our Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake experts are constantly working to keep up with new flooring styles. To learn more about these hardwood trends and see product samples in your White Bear Lake home, give us a call!

Photo Credit: JR-stock