Cork Flooring - ©Iriana Shiyan

At Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake, we know that families are always on the lookout for new ways to keep their home safe from harmful chemicals and bacteria. Nowadays you can let your floors do some of that work for you! We’re talking about flooring that is anti-microbial and antibacterial. You may have heard this before and wondered what exactly it means. We want to help de-mystify these benefits for you, so you can understand why we love these types of flooring for both residential and commercial spaces. Here are a few types of flooring that feature these great benefits in different ways:


People love the fact that cork is natural antimicrobial. It contains a wax-like surface that’s called suberin. This surface repels small things that are harmful both for you and your floors including bacteria, insects, microbes and other germs.

Ceramic Tile

This durable type of tile is a popular choice for the bathroom because of its natural resistance to moisture. The tough surface that resists this moisture also keeps bacteria and other harmful substances from penetrating your floor.

Protective Coating

If you have another kind of flooring that you love, there is still a way to get the great benefits of an antimicrobial and antibacterial floor. This is thanks to a range of protective coatings that have become available in recent years. These coatings are generally only used on luxury vinyl and concrete floors. They are especially popular in the food industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of them in your home!

All of these great innovations aside, we at Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake know it’s still important to take care of floors. These anti-microbial and antibacterial options are a great added safety feature, but regular maintenance is important both for cleanliness and for the appearance of your flooring. Sweep regularly and periodically clean more thoroughly and with the proper materials.

Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan