Black and Brown Furniture - © Iriana ShiyanThere are many rules in the world of decorating that are thrown at us over the years and it changes from decade to decade. In 2015, there are new and different guidelines for furnishing and accessorizing the rooms of your home and flooring counts when making those decisions. Here at Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake, we want to assist you with your flooring needs. Our design and flooring experts are here to help you find the perfect floor to update your home.



Rule #1: Don’t Mix Black and Brown

Don’t feel bad about breaking this rule! Simply find the right brown and choose the right spots to put the black. For larger rooms, choosing a dark, chocolate brown or espresso shade is best. An example of this would be buying an espresso shaded couch and accenting with black pillows and a black coffee table. Another option would be to decorate with a black couch and accent with a tan brown area rug under a chocolate brown coffee table. If you have a dark hardwood floor, consider matching it with a tan suede or leather couch. Mixing with neutral colors such as light brown and tan is a great way to offset the intense vibes that black and dark brown can give off.


Rule #2: Avoiding Multiple Metallics

You can now contrast metals like brass and silver as long as you decorate moderately. Another thing to consider is to have a good ratio of the metals you choose. For example, if you decorate with three pieces of brass, be sure to put up three pieces of silver. It needs to look cohesive rather than sporadic. An alternative to this rule is to have one accent piece. When you have four silver frames, you can put up one gold frame to accent the collection of pictures.


Rule #3: Never mix prints

It’s the year 2015 and you now have the green light to mix patterns! The exception to this is that it generally applies to accessories, not big furniture pieces such as couches, chairs, or bookcases. To decorate your solid blue couch that accompanies your white-walled living room, place a couple of throw pillows that have an argyle pattern with a striped area rug. One thing to keep in mind though, is to keep the accessories the same colors or color scheme. So you may be able to mix the patterns, but you will want to keep the colors the same, such as all black and white.


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Photo Credit: Iriana Shiyan