Laminate HW Flooring - ©Paul TessierFloating floors, a type of laminate flooring, are popular because they do not need to be attached to the sub-floor. This makes it easy to update your flooring in the future or fix it if a section gets ruined. Instead, floating floors are snapped or glued together. One way to think about how floating floors work is to imagine a puzzle. The correct pieces snap together but don’t attach to the table it’s on. At Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we want to show you your options and assist you in making the right choice for your home.


Floating floors stay in place by a few factors:

  • Sheer weight – Floating floors are generally lightweight, but they are heavy enough to stay in place and can weigh several hundred pounds when placed across an entire room.
  • Confinement – This type of flooring is secured by three or four walls. The walls, plus molding around the edges, hold the floor in place.
  • Joinery – The boards snap together to ensure easy installation and even removal if you decide to remodel in the future.
  • Friction – Underneath laminate is an underlayment of cushion made up of either cork or foam. This helps to control the friction underneath the flooring.

There are many benefits of a floating floor. If you’re thinking about completing this task on your own, you’re in luck! One benefit is that if you live in an area that has drastic seasonal changes, such as White Bear Lake, MN, laminate floating floors will not expand and contract with the humidity or lack of humidity as solid hardwood flooring would. This would even allow you to install a floating laminate floor in a basement, where moisture is most present. A third benefit of a floating floor is that it can come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. One floating floor style that many would be familiar with is a “sprung floor.” This style of flooring is often used in ballrooms and sports centers. This style absorbs shock, making it ideal for rapid movement and a high volume of foot traffic.

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