Flooring for Resale White Bear LakeRepainting, redecorating, and de-cluttering are certainly great ways to prep your home for resale. However, some of the most effective ways to increase your home’s resale value are through more permanent means. Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, our experts know the power flooring has when it comes to determining the value of a home. Below are our top picks for the best flooring you can choose to boost the resale value of your White Bear Lake home.

Solid Hardwood

This might go without saying, but hardwood is one of the best floors a homeowner can choose for increasing their home’s resale value. Hardwood is often a go-to choice in home renovations for this very reason. Solid wood flooring is valuable to potential homebuyers because its aesthetic is pleasing to most people, and it is a long lasting floor that the homebuyer won’t have to replace. Get the most bang for your buck by installing hardwood floors in key areas like the kitchen or living room.

New hardwood can be pricey and might not be the most cost-effective choice for every home. If you have hardwoods hiding under your carpets or vinyl, then unearth and refinish them to reveal the goldmine beneath your floors. Engineered hardwood is a more affordable alternative that can be virtually as effective at selling a house as solid hardwood. It looks just as beautiful and feels like real hardwood underfoot.


Laminate flooring is a great choice for quick and low cost remodels. This hardwood alternative is commonly chosen for boosting resale value thanks to its affordability and appearance. Laminate wood flooring can be installed on a floating basis and looks just like real hardwood, but is more resistant against scratching and warping than real wood. Laminate flooring is also available in tiles, and can be used to emulate natural stone for a more affordable price.

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tile is a great flooring choice for boosting a home’s resale value because it is gorgeous and long lasting. Stone floors are known for their elegance and sophistication, and many homebuyers covet their appearance. Natural stone is generally incredibly durable, and with the proper care these floors can last a lifetime.

Natural stone can be very expensive, however, so it won’t be the most effective choice for every home. Get the most out of your stone flooring by installing it in key areas like the foyer, bathroom, or kitchen. Choose stone look-alikes like ceramic or porcelain stone-look tile for a more affordable version of these floors.

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