At Floor Coverings International, we love bringing you insight and perspectives from designers. Today, we have an interview with Kristi and Kelli, twin design bloggers at Lolly Jane.

Floor Coverings International: Could you tell me a little about yourselves?

Lolly Jane: We’re twin sisters who love to stay busy, a trait we inherited from our dad. We’ve gone back and forth from crafting to hosting craft nights to helping others paint furniture that we finally turned it into a business. We’re moms first, between us we have 6 kids ages 2-11. We “work” around their schedules and let them get messy with us. We hope to show them that our talents have turned into a way to help support the family where we can use resources to go on family vacations and buy that new pair of shoes they so easily wear out. We are Christian, daughters, wives, sisters, aunt and friends. We love to talk and hear stranger’s life stories. We love to connect with new people. We love to inspire and empowers others that they CAN decorate their home without being excessively wealthy, they can use their hands to create a cozy space around them. They can craft with their kids and make a sign that their spouse will appreciate. They can do things on their own without having to pay someone to do it for them.

FCI: What made you decide to start up a blog? What do you find most enjoyable about blogging?

LJ: We started off as a sign shop in 2007. We hosted craft nights, sold our designs and participated in boutiques. When it became too time consuming to keep hand making product in 2010, we led our audience to our blog where we share our designs for free. We mostly love the community we’ve built. We pride ourselves on answering every single email, answering every comment on all of our social media networks and trying to make each reader feel important. We’ve become good friends with strangers all across the country, some of them now our closest friends in real life.

FCI: What are some of your design inspirations? What fuels your love for design and decoration?

LJ: We love color. And old “junk”. We believe your house should be a representation of your personality. When you walk into Kelli’s house, you’re welcomed with color, patterns, textures, old pieces that tell stories. When you walk into Kristi’s house, you see muted tones and classy, simple decor, a true statement to the organized, quieter sister. We want our children to feel safe, protected and loved when they come home. We want neighbors to feel welcome and family members to feel invited. We like to make each inch of the house have something fun and unique about it.

FCI: Your blog features so many different types of posts – from DIY home design to recipes to printables to links and lists. How do you choose what ends up on the blog?

LJ: We get excited about each post we publish. We blog what we’re currently working on around the house. We enjoy decorating for all the holidays so we just share what we’re naturally putting around our house. If we made a yummy recipe, we’ll post it. If we love how a sign turned out, we’ll post it. If we hear a good quote, we’ll turn it into a printable.

FCI: Tell me about one of your favorite projects.

LJ: Our favorite project thus far is Kelli’s craft room. She moved into the home we were born in that’s been used as a rental for thirty years. It needed a lot of love. We took the bookcases that the previous owner built and after stenciling it, it became home to her many craft supplies and pretty staging items. We were asked to be featured in a magazine so a week before the photographer showed up, we ripped out the dingy carpet and paint fat white + yellow stripes on the cement. Every item in the room is custom to our style. The table and chairs are all different colors, the accessories and bright and quirky, mason jars house nick knacks that make a collection on its own. It was a two year journey to transform the space and there is so much of each of us in it since that’s our blog’s “headquarters”.

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