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If you’re thinking about new carpet for your Vadnais Heights home, there are a lot of different decisions you’ll have to make. At Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake, we love helping our customers with these tough choices. One major element of carpeting that you’ll need to think about is the carpet’s pile. There are two main types of carpet pile: cut pile and loop pile. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Read on to find out which option is best for your home.

Cut Pile Carpet

The basic design of a cut pile carpet features fibers affixed on one end to a carpet backing. The type of fiber, its thickness and its height varies depending on the carpet you choose.


  • The uniform look of cut pile fiber offers a formal feel that a lot of other carpet options lack.
  • If you choose a plush cut pile carpet or other similar option, the individual fibers are very soft and forgiving underfoot. This is a great option for the bedroom.
  • Dirt and debris is usually released easily from cut pile carpets with a simple vacuuming.


  • Cut pile carpets tend to fray and show age more quickly than loop carpets because the ends of each fiber are exposed to foot traffic and other wear.
  • Most cut pile carpets easily show marks from footsteps or vacuuming.

Loop Pile Carpet

This durable carpet option features fibers that are affixed to the carpet’s backing at both ends, creating a loop.


  • These carpets are known to be very durable, making them a great option for high traffic areas or spaces where children will spend a lot of time
  • Loop carpets do not show marks from footprints or vacuums in the way that cut pile carpets often do.


  • Some loop carpets are hard to clean thoroughly with a vacuum. This is especially true of carpets with small, tight loops.
  • Most loop carpets are not as soft underfoot as cut pile carpets.

If you have more questions about carpet options, call your local Floor Coverings International today! We are proud to serve Vadnais Heights, White Bear Lake and the surrounding areas.

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