Ballroom Commercial Flooring - ©antbIf you’re looking for a great type of flooring to place in a commercial office space, gymnasium, or ballroom, there are several great options to choose from. Here at Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake, our experts will be happy to help you choose the perfect type of flooring for that large, public space.


Vinyl is a practical, sustainable, and economically smart option in large commercial spaces. It’s affordable and is available in many varieties of patterns and colors. If you’re looking for flooring for a school gymnasium, pick a color scheme that coincides with the school colors and mascot. This will invoke school spirit and raise morale.

Rubber Flooring

Becoming increasingly popular, rubber flooring is now common in commercial and residential spaces. There are unique benefits of rubber flooring, such as durability and versatility. This type of flooring is very stain resistant, as well as every day wear and tear, making this a great flooring option for office areas and gymnasiums. Keep in mind that this is not the most inexpensive option, but is definitely long-lasting, making it a fantastic investment.

Wood Flooring

This type of flooring never goes out of style! It’s classic and timeless, and can make an office space or ballroom look absolutely elegant. The one downside is that solid hardwood flooring can easily become scratched and scuffed. An alternative to this is laminate hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring will mimic the classic look of solid hardwood, but is much more resilient to the everyday wear and tear caused by a high volume of foot traffic.

Call Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake today. Our design and flooring experts will jump at the chance to assist you in choosing the perfect commercial flooring that will hold up against the constant foot traffic that large commercial areas see every day.


Photo Credit: antb