When planning a minimalist aesthetic for your Woodbury home, less is definitely more. Selecting the right flooring will largely contribute to the overall look you are trying to create. Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake has prepared a hardwood flooring guide to help you achieve all of your minimalist décor dreams!

Minimalist hardwood flooring White Bear LakeChoosing Your Colors

In general, extreme lights and darks work well in minimalist spaces. Depending on the color scheme you have settled on, consider painting your hardwood black, gray, or white. By painting the flooring to be darker or lighter than it is, you’ll create a lovely deep black wood floor or white expanse on which to place your streamlined furniture. Not only will choosing neutral colors help you to build up the rest of your room, but they will also adapt easily if you choose to change your home style in the future.

Alternatively, simply select a natural looking wood floor that works well in your space. Wood floors in general are a great flooring choice for minimalist households since they have a timeless aesthetic that supports a wide variety of minimalist décors and color schemes.

Wide Planks

While narrow planks can still create a minimalist aesthetic, wide planks will provide you with fewer floor seams, creating a more streamlined, uncomplicated, minimalist look. Wide planks can also help to make small spaces look bigger, adding a feeling of spaciousness and helping the room to feel less cluttered or cramped.


When it comes to finishing your hardwood, it all comes down to texture and lighting. Introducing more light into your space will help it to feel bigger and more airy, drawing attention to your small selection of carefully curated items. To achieve this, choose a finish with a higher gloss. This will help to create a surface that reflects light and bounces it around the room.

Oppositely, choosing a matte finish for your flooring is desirable if your hardwood is going into a large room that is in need of a little texture. The added tactility of a matte finished floor will create a nice level of contrast in a room filled with sleek furniture and shiny accessories.

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