An area rug is an excellent feature to use when accessorizing in your home. It can work alongside nearly any type of flooring, and a well-chosen one will complement the layout of the room. Here are a few suggestions for places to put rugs in your house.

Under furniture

One of the most common uses for an area rug is to place it beneath a furniture arrangement, tying the room together. Placing a rug in the middle of a seating arrangement will draw the eye and gently suggest that visitors take a seat. If the seating area can entirely fit under the rug, it gives the appearance of a ‘floating’ platform, a trendy choice.


A long, narrow rug in a hallway is another good option. Although there may not be space on the walls or doors to decorate, a rug will make the place look nicer while not getting in the way. It’s a great accessory that enhances a relatively basic space.


Rugs can be used in places where there is a good level of foot traffic but people don’t stay there for long. Stair landings, entryways, and similar areas where people pass through but don’t remain are great fits for a rug to protect the floor and enhance the space.


Although more complicated to install, a stair runner can be a fantastic enhancement to your home. A contrasting or complementary pattern on the steps will certainly make the space look nicer, and can tie together upstairs and downstairs designs.

Focal point

The previously mentioned locations all serve to enhance existing focal points, in room layouts or architecture. But a well-designed rug can be a focal point all in its own – simply laying a rug in the right space can stand on its own as a design choice.

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