Everyone values something different when it comes to their floor. Some value looks, style or aesthetic, while others prefer affordability. Some value resilience and durability while others prefer ease of maintenance. This post is for the last group on this list, those who like their floors easy to maintain above all else.

Every room in your house functions differently, so it makes sense that the floor you install should also match the function of each room. This is why we’ve complied suggestions for great, easy to maintain floors for every room in your house. Read on to find out what they are.

Family & Living Room

The family room is the gathering place of the house, so special care must be made in its flooring choice. Often you’ll see carpet in family and living rooms which has some pros and cons. What’s nice about carpet is it’s soft and insulating. What’s not nice is it can stain and requires vacuuming.

If we are looking for ease of maintenance, then look no further than a laminate floor. It looks like hardwood, but is far easier to maintain. Laminate is durable, so it can stand up to high traffic. Finally, laminate can be swept when dirty, and most spills can just be wiped away. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.


For bedrooms we recommend carpet all the way. While it might take a little extra work to maintain a carpet than, say, a laminate floor, you won’t want to be giving up the comfort that carpet gives you in a personal space. A soft carpet is not only comforting in the mornings, it also help to keep your room warm at night.


Kitchens are busy, receive high foot traffic, spills, and the occasional broken dish, so making sure that your flooring is up to snuff is more important in here than anywhere else. Tile and stone are popular kitchen flooring choices because they are easy to clean. It’s important to note that not all stone is created equal, some varieties can be quite porous which is bad if they soak up too much water. Another option is vinyl or linoleum which are hard to beat in the ease of maintenance arena.