Bamboo_FlooringIt’s that time of year again. The trees are blooming, the days are getting longer, and it’s time to spring clean the house. This is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, but it is important to have and clean home for the spring and summer months ahead. Here are some tips to help you with spring cleaning for your flooring from Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake!


With your carpeting you’ll want to make sure you move furniture and get your carpeting steam cleaned. This will help to keep allergens to a minimum and make sure your carpets are really clean. It’s also a good idea to make sure the edges of the carpet are clean and dust-free. These are areas that routine vacuuming may miss. If you have area rugs it’s a good idea to bring them outside to get some dust out but they can also be professionally cleaned.

 Tile Floors

Tile is pretty easy to keep clean throughout the year, but there are a few things to look out for. You want to make sure the grout between the tile is clean and doesn’t need to be updated. Again you’ll want to make sure you get into every corner that is tiled. If any of your tiles are cracked or broken, look into replacing them for aesthetics and safety!

Hardwood Flooring

Many homes feature hardwood flooring in the kitchen, living room, hallways or even bedrooms. It’s important to take proper care of your hardwood flooring so that it looks great year after year. Thoroughly sweep and mop your hardwood floor, and make sure you don’t let too much moisture accumulate on the flooring. It’s always a good idea to dry mop a hardwood floor after mopping. If you’ve had this hardwood flooring for many years it may be time to sand and refinish the flooring or install new hardwood floors!

There are many other types of flooring materials used in homes. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions on how to have them cleaned safely. If you have a flooring question or want some new flooring in your home, call Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake today!

Photo by Pbroks13 used through Wikimedia Commons Creative Commons License Zero (CC BY-SA 3.0).