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When you decide it’s time for new flooring in your White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis area restaurant, there are a lot of factors to consider. Commercial flooring always has to be durable and versatile, but this is especially true in a restaurant. Our experts at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake have a few tips on how to choose the perfect flooring for your restaurant, whether you’re updating the old family diner or opening up a high-end dining space.


It’s important to think about what you need your floors to do in a restaurant dining area. Here are a few benefits you should look for in a flooring product for your restaurant:

Comfort. Your wait staff will be much more energetic after six hours on their feet if your flooring is a bit forgiving on their joints. Choose a type of flooring that’s a bit softer if you can.

Sound Canceling. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t even hear yourself think while you’re in a restaurant. People should be able to chat with their neighbors without yelling. Flooring that absorbs sound can help to keep the noise level under control, even when you have a line out the door.

Style. Your floors can add a lot of style to your restaurant if you choose the right product. Don’t disregard this and choose the same old carpet you had years ago. You can also use flooring to make a restaurant seem more or less casual depending on the type of clientele you are hoping to attract.

Easy Cleaning. This is a big one. It’s inevitable that food and drinks will get spilled on your floors, so you’ll want to choose a style that doesn’t stain or get damaged easily. Though your wait staff should be able to take care of some spills right away, when things get busy it’s hard to clean under every table after guests leave. Choose a flooring style that can be cleaned thoroughly and easily.


Do you have more questions about the flooring in your restaurant? Give us a call at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake today!


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