When you think of a mop bucket, a broom, and a vacuum, you probably don’t jump for joy. Cleaning the floors can be quite an undertaking, especially if it has been a while.  I know it sounds impossible, but cleaning the floors can actually be a fun and entertaining group activity for the whole family.  Here are three ideas from Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake that just might get your kids asking, “Can we clean the floors again?”

Beat the Clock

One of the best ways to make anything fun is to make it a competition. Assign a room to each person and have them race to pick up and sort any items that don’t belong on the floor and then vacuum, sweep or mop.  Get a stopwatch and then inspect the results to see who has done a satisfactory job in the allotted time. You can also set up a time challenge against another activity.  For example you could give them until you finish cooking dinner, or until you return from running errands.  It’s amazing what adding a little time crunch can do for the fun factor.

Ditch the Boring Cleaning Tools

Mops are boring.  Change it up and make some floor cleaning shoes!  Scrubbing the floors is fun when you’re skating around in sponge shoes!  You can make wet and dry mop shoes.  You can also
turn sweeping into a game.  Drop some cotton balls on the kitchen floor and instruct the sweeper to gather all of the lost sheep!  Now instead of simply sweeping, you’re herding sheep!


Everyone loves a good reward for a hard day of work.  So, give yourself some light at the end of the floor-cleaning tunnel, and announce a clean floor ice cream party! Or perhaps, you get to go see a movie, get a massage, or go out for a meal. The celebration can only begin when all of the floors are clean, though!

Hopefully with these tips you’ll have a few tricks to make cleaning the floors in your home a breeze.  Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake is always here when you need new carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl, and more. Install some beautiful new flooring today so you can begin the fun of keeping it clean!