Smooth hardwood is a classic flooring choice, but these days, homeowners in Vadnais Heights are gravitating toward distressed hardwood. These savvy decorators are excited by the practical benefits and wonderful design possibilities of this hardwood finish. At Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we offer many options for distressed hardwood flooring, including handscraped and wire brushed varieties.

Handscraped floors in white bear lakeWarmth and Durability

When homeowners think about hardwood, they tend to focus on factors like color and species without realizing that texture is equally important for the look and lifespan of their hardwood flooring. A smooth finish is great, but nothing increases the rustic warmth of a home like distressed hardwood flooring. These floors add a lived-in feel while ingeniously masking signs of wear such as scratches and dents.

Wire brushed hardwood in white bear lakeWire Brushed Hardwood

Wire brushing is a professional technique for achieving the look of distressed hardwood. The process of wire brushing pulls away the surface layer of wood to expose the beautiful and subtly textured heartwood. The heartwood has a warm color and texture that adds visual interest without overwhelming. Over time, you’ll find that the texture of wire brushed wood masks signs of wear and tear, making these floors a great choice for high-traffic households and families with young children.

Pet flooring in White Bear LakeHandscraped Hardwood

Handscraped hardwood is manually scraped by craftspeople to give the surface a unique and varied texture. Since the process is highly customizable, results range from subtle to dramatic. Handscraped floors often have scattered nicks and dents that add character, and an overall pattern of scraping that imparts a wavelike texture. Hand scraped hardwood adds tons of personality to your floors and creates a welcoming, lived-in vibe. Homeowners with large dogs often choose handscraped hardwood because it conceals signs of wear even better than wire brushed wood.

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