patterned carpet in white bear lake, mnPatterned carpet has long dealt with a bad rap. When we hear the term we often think of hotel room floors, the seats of charter buses and trains, or bowling alleys. This nontraditional flooring makes few appearances in White Bear Lake homes, partly due to the fear that a patterned carpet’s design will go out of style in just a few years.

Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake we encourage you to give patterned carpet a chance. When styled correctly this material can add character to a space without succumbing to a trend. The key to ensuring the timelessness of a patterned carpet is to thoughtfully choose colors and patterns.

Here we’ve provided some tips to help you seamlessly integrate patterned carpet into your White Bear Lake home. You’ll no longer have to worry that you’ll grow tired of your patterned carpet within a few short years.

Tip One: Stick With Neutral Tones

A common mistake when it comes to patterned carpet is the selection of bright colors. We recommend that you choose a pattern that contains cream, oatmeal, gray, or light brown tones. The neutral colors within your carpet will serve to balance out the visual interest offered by a pattern.

Sticking with neutral tones will also make it easier to accessorize your room with furniture and decorations. Neutral colors will ensure that your patterned carpet doesn’t overwhelm a room.

Tip Two: Choose A Smaller Pattern

As a general rule, a patterned carpet that contains a large design will likely go out of style more quickly than a patterned carpet that features a small design. This is because the visual interest of a large pattern can be overwhelming to the eyes, particularly when paired with a bright color scheme. It’s best to stick with a subtle pattern, which guarantees versatility.

Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake we look forward to helping you select a patterned carpet that fits in with your style and surrounding furniture. We offer a wide selection of patterned carpet, which you can take a look at in our product gallery. One great option is the design True Believer, which comes in a variety of different color schemes. Two of our favorites are Clear Water and Camel. We proudly serve the greater White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!

Photo © Winyoo08