Many homeowners usually have one room in their house they are particularly proud of.  Maybe it’s your state of the art kitchen, or your cozy and comfortable living room.  For whatever reason, though, is seems it is easy to overlook and forget about the hallways in our home. Here at Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake, we have some tips to help spruce up your hallway, and in turn, your entire home.


You want to make sure your hallway is not a barren wasteland devoid of anything beautiful or interesting. Take a moment and hang some artwork or photographs on your walls.  Consider adding a small table, or even a plant.  Mirrors also work well in hallways.  Adding one or more of these items will give
your hallway color and energy.


What good will decorating do if your hallway is still a dark passageway?  Lighting must be carefully analyzed in a hallway. If you are lucky enough to have natural light in your hallway, use it!  Be sure to also supplement with light fixtures for after dark. You don’t need your hallway to be incredibly bright, but adding ambient light, especially to feature artwork or décor, will go a long way for your hallway design.


The flooring in any room can completely transform the space and the hallway is no exception! Consider that brighter colors will make the hallway appear larger.  Consider also flooring that reflects light such as tile or natural stone.  If you desire to make your hallway look wider or longer, consider adding a pattern that will create that illusion.  It is important to install flooring that can withstand a high traffic zone like a hallway. Some popular choices include, hardwood, engineered hardwood, marble tiles, natural stone, or even cork and bamboo.

If you’re unsure what flooring would fit your home and your hallway, then call Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake for a free, in-home consultation. We will listen to your needs and help guide your flooring decision. Give us a call today and get your hallway makeover underway!