St. Paul homeowners know that hardwood floors are incredibly timeless and versatile. Whatever your style, there are so many hardwood flooring choices that you’re sure to find one you love. Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we want to help you find the floors of your dreams, and that means finding the right product to fit your vision! Here are our flooring recommendations for a few popular design styles:


Gray hardwood floors in St. Paul

Contemporary design often focuses on clean lines, neutral colors, and bright, open interiors. Light-hued hardwood floors with a matte finish are the perfect pairing; they don’t distract the eye, and they keep the space feeling light and bright. Consider a gray-toned hardwood floor for a particularly trendy look.


Hand scraped hardwood floors in St. Paul

For a rustic design, you want your hardwood floors to show off the wood itself. This means choosing a floor with woodsy details, like a knotty grain, imperfect texture, and rich, natural color. Look for a hardwood floor with a hand-scraped finish, or better yet, consider a product made with reclaimed wood.


Light hardwood floors in St. Paul

Scandinavian designs are somewhat contemporary, but they also prioritize warmth, coziness, and natural materials. This makes a natural, unstained, light wood floor the perfect choice. The light color and natural grain will help keep the design light, airy, and informal.


Hardwood floor in St. Paul

Traditional designs have an air of elegance and formality. For this type of space, you’ll want to go with a medium or dark-toned hardwood floor. You’ll also want to choose a wood that has a minimal grain pattern without obvious imperfections. For a truly traditional look, you might even consider a hardwood that has a slightly glossy finish.

Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake has a wide selection of hardwood flooring products to suit every style and taste. We also offer free consultations to help walk you through the process and find a floor you love. Give us a call or book an appointment online today!

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