Area rugs in St. PaulA room without an area rug can often feel empty or incomplete. The right rug can make a space pop, while also protecting your floors and making them more comfortable. However, to achieve the perfect look and feel, it’s important to consider the needs of your space.

If you are shopping for a new area rug for your St. Paul home or business, here are a few tips from Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake.

Durability & Material

Will your rug be in a high traffic area, like a hallway, or a low traffic area, like a bedroom? High traffic areas require more durable materials that are easy to maintain, such as wool or nylon. It’s also smart to choose a low-pile carpet that is easy to vacuum! For low traffic rooms, you can often get away with a more plush and cozy carpet.


Area rugs should complement your space, but not overwhelm it. If your room is feeling a bit bland and neutral, choose a rug with a pleasing pattern. If the space is already busy and colorful, choose a neutral rug that will blend into the background.

Area rugs in St. PaulSize & Shape

For most rooms, rectangular or square rugs are the safest bet, since they match the shape of the room. However, if your space is arranged around a central feature (such as a dining table or seating area), a round rug might be appropriate. Make sure that your rug is large enough, too! In a bedroom, the rug should extend out from at least two sides of the bed. In a living room, you should be able to fit most or all of the furniture legs on top of the rug. In a dining room, the table and chairs should fit on the rug with plenty of extra space.

If you need additional help selecting an area rug, schedule a free consultation with one of our experts! Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake serves homeowners in the greater St. Paul area.

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