At Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we think that a family room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you come together with loved ones, where you relax after a long day, and, hopefully, where you feel most at ease. This month on the blog, we’ve pulled together our favorite tips and tricks for designing a family room you love with ease.


Consider Contemporary


As you’re deciding what design style will anchor your room, your Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake team recommends you consider adopting the strategies of contemporary design. In the design world, contemporary doesn’t just mean “current,” it’s a style that’s famous for the way it mixes neutral and bold colors with soft lines. Contemporary style looks fresh, clean, and modern, but the soft lines of the furniture also make it a perfect fit for family life.


Incorporate Interests and Hobbies


Don’t shy away from the things that make your family unique. If you’re passionate Vikings fans, consider adding a helmet or a banner for a touch of warmth and personality. The ultimate goal of a family room is to make you feel relaxed; incorporate the elements that make you smile.


Make it Easy to Clean


If your family room is going to be the hub of your home, you’ll enjoy the space more if you know it’s easy to clean. Consider low maintenance flooring options and add plenty of storage to the room. If everything in your family room has a “home,” you can maintain a neat look with ease.


Keep Balance in Mind


Family rooms are about space—space to sit, space to chat, space to play. We recommend incorporating plenty of seating options, but don’t undervalue the importance of white space in the room. Our minds relax best in clutter-free spaces, so make sure your family room gives your imagination room to roam.


Ready for more home improvement tips and tricks? Give your White Bear Lake Floor Coverings International team a call today. We’re proud to offer free, in-home, estimates and consultations to help you find the flooring of your dreams.


Photo: Goodluz