Installing hardwood flooring in your Vadnais Heights home is a big commitment and investment. To maintain the longevity of your floor, there are important steps you need to take. Our experts here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake have a handy guide to keep your floors in top shape over your lifetime.

cleaning hardwood Vadnais HeightsKeep it Clean 

Keeping your hardwood regularly vacuumed or dusted will avoid the buildup of dust and grime. Cleaning your floors is essential to preventing little scratches caused by dirt. We also recommend occasional mopping, but make sure that the mop is wrung out well so excess water doesn’t stay on the surface and potentially damage your floor.

Choose the Right Stain & Sealant

Whether you’re opting for prefinished hardwood or having it stained after installation, make sure that the stain you choose it right for the wood and for the look of your home. Adding a good sealant will ensure that your floor will outlast any spill and remain shiny for years to come. Our professionals are here to help you with this step.

Prevent Sun Damage

Heavy furniture like couches, dining sets, or dressers can create stress points on areas of your floor. To prevent permanent denting, warping, or sun damage, be sure to rearrange your furniture every few years. Not only will it save your floors, it will give your home interiors a little facelift on occasion. If you use area rugs, make sure to move those around periodically as well. Moving your couch and heavy tables every few years will only benefit your floor—just make sure to not scratch or dent your floor in the process!

Professionally Refinish Itrefinish hardwood Vadnais Heights

Refinish your floors if they’ve been scratched or dented. Attempting to do this yourself isn’t recommended, as it is long and arduous task for an everyday homeowner to do. Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake’s fantastic team can help you with this project and will ensure that both you and your floor stay safe. This process involves sanding down the floor to remove the visible damage. After, your hardwood floor can be refinished and resealed.

If you are interested in installing hardwood in your Vadnais Heights home, your friendly experts at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake are here to help! We’ll have answers to any of your questions. Call today for a complimentary consultation and a visit from our mobile showroom.

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