When someone stops by to visit for more than a day, it can go one of two ways. It can be an awkward, uncomfortable experience, or it can be the highlight of both yours and your visitors month.

While some of this has to do with personalities, especially if your visitor is a sibling, much of it has to do with the way you present your home. Simply taking a few extra steps helps to make your guests feel welcome which in turn makes you feel comfortable about having company.

Consider the 5-star hotel experience. As soon as you enter the lobby of a 5-star hotel, you have a set of standards that you expect them to meet. These standards revolve around cleanliness, hospitality, décor and comfort.

All of these elements are controllable and if you take some time to address them you and your guests are sure to have the 5-star experience.

Start by giving your home a nice deep clean.

If you haven’t done this years spring cleaning, now’s a great time. Make sure to get the nooks and crannies that may get ignored and gather dust.

Especially tidy the room where your guests will be sleeping. Having a comfortable sleeping space will go a long way to ensuring that your guests are happy and comfortable.

Stock up on food and drinks

A good hotel has a minibar complete with all kinds of snacks. You should have food aplenty for your guests and present it in a way that they can take from it freely when they feel the need. Nothing makes a person feel more welcome than a healthy amount of good food free to eat without needing to ask for it!

Only bring out the best towels and sheets

Keeping a spare set of bed sheets is a wonderful touch and helps your guests feel more at home. Make sure it’s not an old sheet that’s hanging around from when you updated your last one. It should be nice, new, and soft enough for a baby.

While your guests are present, keep the nice towels always present and ready to use in the bathroom. This is especially important if they travel a lot and might be stopping back at the house for quick breaks. A nice shower can invigorate them, and a nice towel is like the cherry on top.