Tile cleaning in White Bear LakeTile flooring and backsplashes will add beauty to your White Bear Lake home, but cleaning them can be a big chore. Not only do tiles require special care, but the grout between them is porous and can catch stains quickly. Luckily, the Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake experts have put together our best tips for how to keep your tile and grout spick and span!

Tile Cleaning Tips

  • Porcelain Tile: Porcelain tiles that are glazed should be wiped clean with a damp microfiber cloth then dried completely. Unglazed porcelain tiles need to be wiped clean to remove surface dirt. Then, they should be scrubbed gently with a cleaning pad that has been dipped in a special porcelain cleaning solution.
  • Ceramic Tile: If your ceramic tile is glazed, then you can use your favorite all purpose cleaner to wipe them down. If the ceramic is not glazed, then you should first wipe off the tiles to remove surface dirt. Then, use a special ceramic tile cleaner to gently remove any stains. Repeat the process until your tiles are looking like new again.
  • Natural Stone Tile: Unlike ceramic or porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles are porous and sometimes uneven in texture. This means that they require periodic sealing treatments to prevent staining or etching on the surface of the stone. Natural stones like travertine, limestone, and slate all come with their own special commercial cleaners that are designed to maintain their unique material composition. Use a mop that is damp with the required solution to make your natural stone tile shine again.

Grout Cleaning Tips

Grout can harbor some stubborn stains, but with the right tools and cleaning method, you can restore its former glory. First, wipe down the grout with hot water to remove any dirt on its surface. Then, spray a special commercial cleaner onto the grout and leave it on for a few minutes before you scrub it with a brush. You can use a floor cleaning brush or a soft toothbrush.

Keeping your tile looking great after installation is easy when you follow these simple upkeep guidelines. To shop for new tile or other flooring materials, call Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake today!

Photo © Jenn Huls