Saint Paul homeowners love the extra layer of warmth and comfort carpet adds to a home. However, if you have pets, you’ve probably worried that carpet is too high-maintenance. Luckily, our team at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake has the expertise to help you find the right type of carpet for your needs. Even with four-legged friends, carpet can work in your home.

Pilepet-proof carpet white bear lake

All carpet falls under one of two categories: loop pile and cut pile. Loop pile carpet features fibers that are attached to the carpet backing at both ends, creating a literal loop within the carpet. With cut carpet these fibers are cut, creating a textured surface. While both styles can give your Saint Paul home a warm and cozy feel, cut pile is better for houses with pets.

Your four-legged friend can get their claws stuck in the loop of loop pile carpet, which has the possibility of hurting them and damaging your carpet. Cut pile doesn’t have this problem. Look for cut pile carpets with a textured surface, like frieze, as these will cover the everyday wear and tear of life better than dense styles.


With the possibility of muddy footprints and accidents, it’s important to have a carpet material that can be easily cleaned. At Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake we recommend installing a synthetic carpet, instead of a natural carpet. Nylon is a particularly durable and resilient synthetic carpet material.

To further protect your flooring, we can help you find a carpet that is treated to be stain-resistant. Why not have flooring in your Saint Paul home that is doubly protected against potential damage?


While we agree that a light cream carpet is stunning, it might not be the best choice if your home is filled with pets. Dark colors and patterns will help camouflage any accidental stains. Although we know you can take advantage of tips and tricks to clean and refresh your carpet, so stains shouldn’t be a worry.

If your pet sheds, a pattern will help hide hair. Saint Paul homeowners love the subtle pattern of speckled carpet, as it adds an extra layer of texture to cut pile carpet.

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We know how much joy your pet brings into your life. We also know that you can find a carpet that you and your pet will love. Schedule a free, in-home design consultation with one of our expert Design Associates today! We proudly serve the greater Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake area.

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