If you have a hardwood floor and you want it to last, and who wouldn’t, then you’re going to want to clean and maintain it properly. Luckily, hardwood floors are pretty easy to upkeep, and if you occasionally give your hardwood a little TLC, it will often last for generations.

How often you should clean your hardwood floor depends on your situation. Generally speaking, it’s a good rule of thumb to clean your hardwood at least once a week, but if you have kids or pets then you might benefit by cleaning a little more often. The more you clean, the less likely your floor is to develop scratches.

Every few Days – Dust

Take a quick moment to dust daily and you’ll be amazed how much longer your floor keeps its original luster. Dusting removes the dirt and dust from your floor that will cause scratching. It also gets rid of allergens. When you dust, use a micro fiber dusting pad which will attract the dirt from the crevaces in your floor

Every Week – Mop

Be sure the solution you use to mop your floor wont damage your hardwood. Too much liquid or a too harsh a formula (like vinegar and water) can eat away at the finish. Use biodegradable, pH-neutral and nontoxic cleaning formulas and a mircrofiber pad.

Be sure not to use soap based cleaners, wax cleaners, steam cleaners, or water and vinegar on hardwood which can each damage your floor in some way. Don’t use string mops which use too much water and might even end up scratching your floor.

Every Few Months – Polish

Every two or three months it’s a good idea to polish your floors. Use a water-based polish which won’t leave residue and won’t strip your floor. If you do this every few months, your floor will keep its luster for years.