Every room in your house serves a unique function, so the flooring material you choose should complement that function. In your kids play room, you want to create a safe environment where you can feel comfortable with your children spending extended periods of time. You’re floor can help make this a reality.

While you might choose a hardwood floor for your family room because of the aesthetics and ease of maintenance, the flooring in your play room is all about safety. The following three flooring options we consider the best for a play room because they are soft, easy to maintain, and worry free.

3. Cork

Cork is an excellent material for a play room because it’s soft and contains less VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) than most options. One potential downside that brings it lower on the list than the other options is that Cork can get damaged if a particularly sharp or heavy item is dropped on it. Fortunately things like that shouldn’t be in kids rooms, so it’s not a huge concern.

2. Rubber

Rubber floors fit the bill perfectly for a child’s play room because it’s soft, resilient, and messes are very easy to clean off its surface. Rubber floors are also more durable than cork making them tougher to damage. If your kids are a rambunctious lot, rubber might be the perfect option for you.

1. Plush Carpet

Good old fashioned carpet is our forerunner in the play room carpeting debate. Carpet has been the flooring option of choice for play rooms for years and years because it’s soft, inexpensive, and generally difficult to damage. It’s also good at insulating against the ruckus your kids will make while playing, and if the play room evolves to fit a different purpose as your children grow up, you may not need to replace the floor.