Summertime is here at last! Along with the warmer weather and bright sunlight come important considerations for your floor. You’ve spent time and money getting your home looking great, and you want to protect your investment. Here are three simple tips for keeping your flooring in excellent condition during the summer months.

Close your Curtains

Although it is nice to have the sun out in full force, you may not always want it shining into your house. Certain types of flooring can be sensitive to prolonged sunlight, and once they are faded or damaged there is no going back. In addition to keeping the sun out, closing your windows will keep cool air in and warm air out, saving on your energy costs as you cool your home. It’s a good idea to draw your curtains or blinds during the brightest, hottest parts of the day.

Watch the Humidity

Typically when you think of moisture damage to floors, spills or floods come to mind. But just as important to consider are the slower effects of humidity. Although hardwood naturally expands or contracts without much damage, overexposure to moisture can cause planks to warp. Carpet can also suffer moisture damage, such as mildewing. Be sure to keep track of the temperature and humidity in your home to prevent this damage.

Use Mats

One of the joys of summer is spending time outside – playing sports, going on walks, and gardening are just a few popular summertime activities. However, after spending time outside you must be careful not to track messes inside – dirt can stain carpets, and even small rocks can scratch up hardwood floors.

Fortunately this is easy to avoid – simply laying down mats by exterior doors such as the entryway or the mudroom allow for a simple way to clean off feet before walking inside. Be sure to use non-slip pads and watch the corners to keep everyone safe from tripping or slipping.

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