The fireplace has long been a special centerpiece of living spaces. Throughout history, people have gathered around warm fires and shared each other’s company. During the winter season, Woodbury homeowners deserve the full fireside experience, which means a safe, clean hearth and wall tiles that make your little fireside center really stand out.

The experts at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake want sanitary, visually appealing fireplaces to preserve their homeowners through those chilly Woodbury winters. Here are a few options for fireplace flooring and facades, and a few options to avoid.

Brick Fireplaces

Brick is an attractive, durable material, and its cozy vibe combines well with the overall fireplace visual to summon classic winter imagery. Brick doesn’t always match existing interior design with its grainy surface and russet color, but it can be painted pretty easily to blend in. Brick fireplace walls (also known as “cladding”) are inflammable and resistant to soot stains — always a plus! However, cleaning brick may prove tricky due to its rough texture.

Slate Fireplaces

Slate is a timeless classic in fireplace construction. It’s a hard, thin stone with a dark, luxurious quality that makes for simply gorgeous fireplaces. Slate will usually resist soot staining almost completely, and embers that land on a slate hearth will soon burn out with nothing to sustain them. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are an option similar to slate, and cheaper than natural stone. However, they will not typically furnish your fireplace with slate’s natural beauty.

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Steer Clear of Carpet and Wood

For homeowners who dream of cozy carpet or rustic hardwood surrounding their fireplaces, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that carpet and hardwood are not safe options for near-firebox flooring. Embers and other particles like to float out of the flames, meaning anything flammable must never remain just outside a firebox.

However, the good news is that with safety-prioritized hearth flooring that extends a good distance beyond the firebox, hardwood and carpet can be installed just at the edge of that hearth. Aside from the safety concern, hardwood can suffer deep scratches from fireside equipment like the poker. As for carpet, even flame-retardant fibers tend to gather ash and soot, which will ultimately leave that carpet section a dull gray.

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