There are two phases to a remodel: before and after. The feelings you experience while planning and executing a remodel can vary tremendously depending on how much you plan and how well you stay within your budget. Don’t plan enough, you may find yourself stressed and overwhelmed, but if you take your time and account for all the variables, you might find the process stress free and even rejuvenating.

Our goal is for you to feel the later, and to help you with that we are going to share some simple tips that will make it easier for you to save money.

Step 1: Solicit Bids From Multiple Contractors

When remodeling, it’s all to easy to get caught up in the rush and move through the process quickly, sometimes too quickly. When it comes to choosing who you’re going to pay to work on your home, there are multiple factors to consider before you push the go button. First makes sure they are high quality. Ask for references or look up reviews online. Then get a quote and compare it to the quotes of other contractors with good references and reviews. Cheapest isn’t always best, so make sure your strike the balance of affordability, quality and experience.

Step 2: Don’t Remodel During the Summer

Summer will be your contractors peak season. Hire them during the peaks season and you’ll find yourself paying peak season prices. That’s why we recommend remodeling during the other 9 months of the year when demand for contractors is less and prices are lower.

Step 3: Know What You’re Buying

If you really want to save money in the long run, make sure you know what you’re installing in your house. For hardwood, this might mean installing a wood that is harder and more resilient than softer varieties. For natural stone, you’ll want to find the durable materials that will last, especially in high traffic areas. And finally, be sure to consider hidden costs like heating bills. Carpet may not be the most flashy option, but it insulates reducing heating costs year after year.