Carpet in White Bear LakeWhen you’re looking for a new carpet for your home in White Bear Lake, MN, one important characteristic to examine is the material. Both synthetic and natural carpets have much to offer property owners. But which one is right for you? Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake can help you decide.

Here are some of the most popular synthetic carpet fiber types:

  • Nylon- The most popular of synthetic fibers for its durability and resilience. As a result, it’s the most expensive of the synthetics.
  • Triexta- A new polymer derived from corn that is especially stain-resistant and plush.
  • Polyester- An affordable fiber that isn’t as stain-resistant or resilient as nylon or Triexta. However, it can be blended with nylon to improve its quality.
  • Polypropylene/olefin- This affordable fiber is similar to polyester in quality and performance.

Natural fibers usually come from these sources:

  • Wool- This fiber, derived from sheep’s hair, is the most expensive carpet material on the market. To increase its resilience, sometimes nylon is integrated into it.
  • Cotton- This material is often used overseas, as it’s notorious for trapping allergens and its lack of resilience.
  • Silk- Is often used overseas. These carpets feel amazing and have splendid colors.

Synthetic Carpets

The Pros

  • More affordable.
  • Easier to maintain and clean.
  • Are generally resistant to water, mold, mildew, and stains.
  • Resistant to pests like dust mites.

The Cons

  • Don’t feel as soft and luxurious as natural carpets.
  • Cheaper varieties like polyester and polypropylene can stain easily.

Natural Carpets

The Pros

  • Have a gorgeous natural look and feel.
  • Wool has lanolin, which naturally makes it resist water, stains, and fire.

The Cons

  • Typically not as resilient as synthetic fibers.
  • More expensive.
  • Not as resistant to mold/mildew/pests because they are made of organic material.

Which one is right for you? You should consider key factors like your budget, lifestyle, and interior decorating preferences. To find out more about the strengths and drawbacks of synthetic carpeting and natural carpeting, contact Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake. We provide free consultations for homeowners in the White Bear Lake area.

Photo Credit: severija