Kid on carpet floorWhen it comes to comfort, there are few things better than a soft carpet under your bare feet. In addition to comfort, there are many benefits to installing carpet flooring in your home. Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake we proudly provide expert flooring advice and installation to the White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis areas. We are here to answer your questions and help you pick out the perfect carpet for your home.

Warmth & Insulation

Some of the best things about carpet are its insulating qualities and the warmth it provides during those cold Minnesota winters. It will keep your house warm and cozy while keeping your energy bills low.

Sound Absorption

Another great thing about carpet is its ability to absorb sound and noise. Unlike hardwood or tile, carpet flooring absorbs the sound of footsteps, voices, and other household noise instead of letting it bounce and echo. This is especially beneficial if you live in a multi-level home.


The safety carpet provides is often an overlooked quality of the flooring. This feature is particularly valuable for elderly residents or families with young children. In the event of a fall, carpet provides a soft landing and may minimize possible injury.

Color & Style Variety

Finally there’s the aesthetic benefit of carpet flooring. There are almost endless possibilities for color, pattern, and style available today that you can match with your interior décor. From chic white Berber to vibrant red plush, you’re guaranteed to find a carpet that fits your lifestyle.

Carpet may be higher maintenance than other flooring materials like vinyl or tile, but when it comes to overall comfort it can’t be beat. Be sure to regularly vacuum and clean your carpet to remove dust and allergens. Some cheap carpets get damaged easily and won’t stand up to everyday wear and tear. That’s why it’s important to talk with your professional flooring provider so they can help you decide which type of carpet would work best in your home. If you’re ready to start shopping or have questions about which flooring is the one for you, call Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake today and schedule your free design consultation!


Photo credit: Alexey Losevich