Whether you’re curling up on the couch after a long day of work or taking an afternoon nap, the living room is a central part of your home. Having the right living room flooring is essential for White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis homeowners. From carpet to laminate, there are so many options and knowing exactly which flooring is right for you can be hard to figure out. Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake is here to help. We want all St. Paul homeowners to have the perfect flooring for their needs, so we’ve broken down the top living room flooring options.


The cozy feel of carpet makes it a living room classic. Carpet acts as a natural insulator, making your living room feel warm, even when St. Paul falls into winter. When thinking about the right carpet style for your living room, consider how you use your living room. If it is a place solely for rest and relaxation, an elegant plush carpet may be best for you. Plush carpet will make your living room exude comfort. Your calm lifestyle will mean easy plush carpet maintenance. If you have rambunctious children and enthusiastic pets, consider a frieze carpet. Its flexible fibers will hold up well against the everyday wear and tear of your active St. Paul family.

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White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis homeowners love the timeless look of hardwood floors. Hardwood floors work well in living rooms because with the right tips and tricks, you can match your hardwood flooring to your style. Hardwood floors are gorgeous and long lasting, making them a worthwhile investment. In a busy home, hardwood floors are easy to clean and can handle the impact of everyday wear and tear.

If you like the idea of hardwood, but you still want the cozy feel of carpet, why not add an area rug? Adding the right area rug to your living room can help complete the space.

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Love the look of hardwood but want a more environmentally friendly flooring option? Why not have bamboo flooring in your St. Paul living room? Bamboo can be harvested every three to five years, meaning it is a very sustainable flooring option. The beautiful light color of bamboo floors will keep your living room looking and feeling bright, even in the depths of a Minnesota winter.

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Many St. Paul homeowners debate whether to install hardwood or laminate floors. In truth, flooring choice is dependent on a number of factors. Laminate floors are a low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to hardwood floors. While they have a lower return on investment, they still look stunning and can be a great addition to your living room.

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