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Here in Vadnais Heights, hardwood floors have always been a popular option for homeowners. At Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake we often have customers who come to us only thinking of classic American hardwoods. That’s why we want to talk about exotic hardwoods today, and share a few of the things that make these wood flooring options wonderful!


What are Exotic Hardwoods?

Exotic hardwoods most often come from tropical forests in Asia, South America and Africa. Like American hardwoods, each style has its own unique look and benefits. Over the years, exotic hardwoods have become increasingly popular as some American hardwood options have become more expensive and difficult to find.


Types of Exotic Hardwoods

There is a wide range of exotic hardwood styles, but a few of the most popular include:

Brazilian Cherry – Also called Jatoba, this wood comes from a range of areas including Central America, South America and the West Indies. Its color ranges from a lighter orange-brown to a dark red-brown.

Australian Cypress – As its name says, this beautiful wood comes all the way from Australia. It’s usually a lighter brown and features distinctive knots in its grain.

African Blackwood – This extremely dark wood originates in the dry savannas of central and southern Africa. Most often it is almost completely black with very little visible grain. Slightly lighter pieces will feature a dark brown or even purplish hue.

White Limba – This yellowish and golden brown hardwood originates in the tropical regions of western Africa. It often has thin dark gray and even black streaks throughout.


Exotic Hardwood Benefits

Availability – Many exotic hardwoods became popular in America as alternatives to hard-to-find traditional hardwoods. Brazilian Cherry is a great example of this. It offers an alternative for homeowners who love cherry hardwood but want something a little bit different.

Warmth – Exotic hardwoods offer insulation and warmth underfoot relative to other natural flooring options like stone or ceramic tile. This is a great benefit for our chilly winters here in White Bear Lake!

Beauty – The unusual colors and bold grain patterns of exotic hardwood offer a little something different to you home’s décor. At Floor Coverings International, we recommend exotic hardwoods especially to people who are looking to make a design statement with their flooring while choosing something that adds value to their home.

Durability – The harsh conditions in African savannahs and the Australian outback result in some tough woods! Exotic hardwoods are generally on the durable side relative to other types of hardwood. So if you’re thinking of installing your hardwood floor in a high traffic area, Brazilian Cherry might be perfect for you.


Photo Credit: Mark Bernard