When you first install hardwood floors they look immaculate and flawless.  Then, of course, life happens and they can eventually show signs of wear and tear.  To a certain extent this is inevitable, but there are some things you can do to prevent damage and keep your hardwood floors looking great for many years to come!


Yes, we all love our pets, but sometimes they can be our best friend and our flooring’s worst enemy.  Taking a few preventative measures can help you avoid any damage to your hardwood floors.  Make sure you groom your pet properly so that excessive hair and pet dander is not making its way to your floors.  Also, trim your pet’s nails regularly so that there is no chance the floors will be scratched when Fido runs for a ball and slides across your kitchen floor.


Your pets aren’t the only ones who pose a threat to the flooring.  Shoes can cause some serious damage as well.  A sharp stiletto can actually dent some species of hardwood floors.  Additionally, shoes have been outside, so they can track in all kinds of germs, dirt and debris and leave it on the flooring.  The best way to combat this is to simply have a “shoes off at the door” policy in your home.  It may seem like a hassle, but your hardwood floors will thank you!


Hardwood floors are a pretty durable flooring option, but you do need to protect your floors from the elements.  Hardwood flooring does not do well with water.  Water damage can come from simple things like overwatering a plant, a leaking appliance, or a shower curtain that periodically drips on the floor.  Or, water damage can be caused by larger plumbing issues.  Whatever the cause it’s important to remember to get the water off of the hardwood floors as quickly as possible to avoid warping and costly repairs.

Keeping these three tips in mind will help you care your floors and ensure they remain a beautiful addition to your home.  If you think perhaps it is time for some new hardwood flooring, give Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake a call.  We offer free, in-home consultations so you can explore the many hardwood flooring options.  From Maple, to Ash, Hickory, Cherry, or even Mahogany, you’ll be sure to find a species of hardwood flooring you’ll love.