Painted Hardwood Floor White Bear Lake, MNA fresh coat of paint on the walls can do wonders for a room, immediately making spaces feel clean and new. You can get the same results by painting your tired floor. This casual style is a perfect look in the lake homes of the White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis area. If you want to express your style and make your floors a design element in their own right, painting your floors may be just the space-freshening solution you’re looking for.

The Process

Painting is a less costly, though labor intensive, alternative to refinishing hardwoods. Following the proper procedure may be a multi-weekend DIY project, but when done right, the result is well worth the effort. Read on for a brief overview of the process from our team at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, but be sure to ask the experts at your paint store for advice on proper procedure and supplies.

1. Prep the surface and apply primer. Lightly sand the floors and clean them well with a tack cloth. This will ensure the primer coat adheres to the surface and rolls on smoothly. Allow the primer to dry at least overnight.

2. Sand the floors. This may seem very similar to the first step, but it’s important to sand again after the primer is dry so any remaining imperfections are resolved. Clean up with the tack cloth and get ready to paint.

3. Roll on the paint. This is the fun part. Paint can be applied to the floor with a roller or brush, depending on how detail-oriented you want to be. It’s recommended to do three thin coats of paint, allowing each to dry thoroughly, rather than one to two thick coats that can bubble or remain tacky.

4. Seal it in. A clear coat of polyurethane can help seal the paint and give your floors long-term durability. It may sound obvious, but make sure the floors are totally dry before walking around on them and moving in furniture. You’d hate to scuff up all your hard work.

The Look

The fun of painting your floors is the endless ways you can be creative and show your personality. A fresh coat of white paint can make a room feel open and airy, while a sleek grey or black can instantly add class and sophistication to a space. If you have the patience, painting stripes or a diamond pattern on the floor can give your home a cozy cottage feel. And if you aren’t ready to make the commitment of applying paint baseboard to baseboard, consider using a stencil on the floor to create a variety of designs.

The options go as far as your imagination will take you when painting the floor in your White Bear Lake home. When you’re ready for your next DIY project, break out the paint and rollers and take it to the floor.

Photo by akiyoko