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Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we know that many customers love the look and feel of hardwood floors. We also understand that solid wood floors are a rather significant investment. One of the best alternatives available today is vinyl plank. This durable flooring material can easily imitate the look of hardwood. Which one should you choose for your White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis area home? Check out our breakdown to find out:


Vinyl Plank

This modern flooring material is similar to luxury vinyl tile, but shaped like hardwood planks. It comes in a range of colors and styles that imitate hardwood.



Cost – Vinyl planks are much less expensive than solid hardwood flooring. If you want the look of hardwood without the price tag, vinyl planks could be a great option.

Water Resistance – You can install vinyl planks almost anywhere. There are even styles that are completely waterproof, so you can put them in the bathroom or kitchen without worrying about moisture damage.

Selection – Since these planks are made with 3D imaging technology and don’t need to be harvested from trees, you can have almost any style you want. Gray planks and distressed finishes are especially popular.

Installation – The installation process for vinyl plank is much simpler than hardwood. In some cases, the tiles can even be installed on top of your existing floor.



Long-term Durability – Over time vinyl can come up at the edges when damaged by dust and dirt. It also can’t be refinished like a hardwood floor.

Value – Vinyl plank floors won’t add any value to your home if you ever plan to put it on the market.



Solid hardwood flooring has been used in homes for centuries. With its durability and beauty, it’s not hard to understand why.



Value – Hardwood floors are an investment. They add value to your home for potential buyers, and they last for years.

Durability – A hardwood floor can be refinished numerous times through its lifetime. That means that even if your floor gets scratched or damaged over time, you won’t have to completely redo your floors.

Personalization – When you choose a solid hardwood floor, you can personalize everything about it from the species of wood to the stain and finish. You will have a floor that’s truly unique to your home.



Moisture Damage – Hardwood is quite susceptible to moisture damage. You have to be careful where you install it, and be aware of the amount of moisture in the air around where you live.

Installation – The process of having a hardwood floor installed can be lengthy. Especially if you decide to have it finished on-site. You will have to make plans for your family if you are installing the wood in a high traffic area of your home.

Cost – As we’ve mentioned, hardwood floors can be quite expensive. If you aren’t looking to pay a large amount for your floors, you might want to choose an alternative flooring material.


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