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Everyone loves carpet. There’s really no other flooring material out there quite like it! It’s soft, comfortable, warm and cozy. It is a common flooring choice for living rooms, bedrooms, rec rooms, staircases, and hallways! Even if you take meticulous care of your carpeting, eventually it will be time for some fresh, new carpet. Here are some signs it may be time for new carpeting from Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake.

Wear Patterns

Do the edges of your carpet look like new while the places you walk look like a well worn path? It’s normal for wear patterns to form on carpeting. Some types of higher pile carpeting types will show this more. Vacuuming can help to stop the formation of wear patterns, but over the years, they will eventually form. This is a great time to get some durable, new carpet installed. Be sure you select an appropriate style of carpeting for the area of your home that is being carpeted.

Stains and Odors

If you have pets or small children, or even if you don’t, we all know that carpeting can get some stains over the years. Stains and odors can come from a spill on the carpet, potty training your new kitten or puppy, or smoking indoors. Sometimes when you buy a house, the carpeting in place will already have some stains and odors. When the stains won’t come out and you want your home to smell fresh again, it’s time for new carpeting! We can install new, high quality carpeting that offers stain resistance.

Style and Color

Sometimes your carpet is still in great shape, but it simply goes out of style. The orange shag carpet of the 70’s had its charm, but after so many decades, you may want something new! Maybe the bold, red carpet you installed in your living room needs to be replaced with something brighter. When you’re redecorating part of your home, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got the correct flooring in place. New carpet may be in order, or perhaps you’ll decide you’d prefer hardwood or luxury vinyl flooring instead!

Whatever your flooring needs may be, Floor Coverings International of White Bear Lake is here to get your new floors perfectly installed. We offer free, in-home consultation so you can select the perfect flooring for your home!