When it’s time for new flooring in your bathroom, there are a number of important things to consider. Given the environment in a bathroom, your flooring needs to serve both form and function equally. The frequent presence of water and humidity make careful selection of flooring quite critical. Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake, we have lots of experience helping customers choose the right bathroom flooring for their home or business in the White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis area. Our installers are also well versed in making a new bathroom floor look beautiful.


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Bathroom Floor Tips:

Your bathroom floor should be beautiful, water resistant, and help to protect against slips and falls. When a bathroom floor gets wet, it can become slippery and easy to slip on. With the cold winters in our area, it’s also nice to add warmth underfoot. Durability and style are both of significant importance when selecting flooring for a bathroom.



Vinyl, stone, and ceramic tiles are the most popular bathroom flooring options. However, hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity as well – especially in half-baths and powder rooms. The benefit of water-resistant flooring options like tile and vinyl is that you don’t have to worry about types of cupping and warping like you will with hardwood. If you do choose hardwood for a bathroom, we recommend sticking with engineered hardwood, which is better at dealing with varying levels of moisture.

As we mentioned, bathroom floors should be slip-resistant. Many vinyl and ceramic flooring styles are designed with textured surfaces to make your floors as safe as they are beautiful and durable. If you enjoy the look of sleek, ceramic tile but worry it will be too slick, consider using smaller tiles. The grout between each tile will provide a non-skid surface. Don’t forget you can also add a bath mat on top to ensure that your feet stay warm and no one slips on wet tile.

While porous flooring options such as wood and stone aren’t often used for bathroom flooring, that doesn’t mean you should overlook them completely. Both can be sealed to withstand the humidity and occasional splashes that are common in bathrooms.


If you have any questions when shopping for bathroom flooring in the White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis area, ask the experts at Floor Coverings International for a free in-home consultation!

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