Frieze carpet in White Bear Lake

Frieze is one of the many styles of carpet that Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake offers. Known for their long, thin, twisted fibers, frieze carpets are a modern take on the classic shag. These carpets are a part of the cut-pile family, which means that each strand stands on its own instead of looping back down to the base of the carpet. This gives the carpet loads of durability and comfort benefits. Frieze carpet is a great option for White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis area homeowners looking for flooring that will be both comfy and casual.

They’re durable.

Frieze carpets are perfect for high foot traffic areas like hallways, entryways and living rooms. This is credited to the twisted strands that bounce back after being walked on or imprinted by heavy furniture. With frieze, you won’t have to worry about your carpet matting over time or losing its luster.

Perfect for kids and pets.

If you have an active home with kids and pets, you’ll love how frieze carpet hides dirt. We know it’s unrealistic to vacuum every day and frieze will help alleviate some of that stress. It is worth noting that frieze carpets can be harder to keep clean than other types of carpet. Those long fibers that hide dirt so well will also allow more room for spills to sink in. You’ll want to invest in a nice hand-held carpet cleaner to have on hand in case of a spill.

So comfy.

Frieze is intended to be soft, comfy and casual. It has a laid-back feel that is great for family rooms, but you may want to consider an alternative if you are trying to create something that looks more upscale.

And more!

Frieze carpet is so dense that it can actually act as a sound dampener– a nice bonus! In addition, the long fibers are great at hiding seams and will help make your room feel larger by giving the illusion of one continuous floor.

If you are deciding which type of carpet will suit your family best, make sure to give the professionals at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake a call today. Our team is dedicated to finding the perfect flooring solution for your lifestyle. We are local to the White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis area so call for a free in-home consultation today!

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Photo Credit: Oleksandr Berezko