Polyester carpet in White Bear LakeThink all floor coverings are created equal? That’s not quite the reality. Your options for flooring are probably more numerous than you think. And even if you narrow your choices down to just one type — carpet, for instance — there are still a lot of factors to consider before forking out money on that new remodel.

Polyester carpet is an affordable and versatile option for White Bear Lake homeowners. But before you buy, make sure to get some expert advice from Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake:

Benefits of Polyester Carpet

One of the most popular choices for carpeting is still polyester. Polyester carpet has distinct advantages over other types of fibers, including:

  • Its ability to hold bright, vivid colors.
  • An attractive luster or shine.
  • Superior resistance to staining.

Additionally, less energy is required to produce polyester fibers, making polyester carpeting more eco-friendly. It’s also much more durable than it used to be, thanks to tweaks in engineering and production, and today’s polyester carpet fibers almost rival nylon in their ability to hold up under stress. But perhaps the biggest benefit of polyester carpeting is its price. Available in price points to meet most budgets, polyester may be just the versatile and attractive choice you need in your White Bear Lake home.

Polyester’s Drawbacks

But just like all good things, polyester fibers also have drawbacks, and soiling is a big one. While polyester is highly resistant to stains due to its closed-cell fibers, it’s notoriously bad for showing traffic patterns and dirt over time. This makes it a poor choice for high-traffic areas such as hallways.

If polyester carpeting seems like it might be the right choice for you, consider using it in tucked-away areas like master bedrooms or dens. Less foot traffic means longer carpet life, especially for polyester. Save the heavy-duty work for a more soil-resistant fiber like nylon, or for a different flooring material all together.

To learn more about polyester carpeting or see our product selection, call Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake and schedule a free consultation!

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