wool carpet in white bear lake, mnWhen we think of wool a thick jacket might come to mind, or perhaps a warm blanket perfect for fall and winter. Wool is a material that’s long been depended on for its insulating qualities. Made from the hair of sheep, it’s commonly used to make jackets, blankets, and other textiles. Here we’ll be discussing the unique advantages presented by wool carpet. We encourage you to read on, and to consider adding this high quality material to your Vadnais Heights home.

Wool Carpet Advantages

Insulating—Perhaps its greatest advantage, wool carpet offers a level of thermal insulation unmatched by other carpet varieties. This is because the hair of sheep grows in a crimped and elastic fashion, making it highly efficient at trapping and holding heat. We should point out that wool carpet is a particularly great choice for homeowners that experience more extreme seasons. The insulation it provides will help to keep heating costs down during winter and air conditioning costs down during summer.

Cozy Feel—Wool carpet is made of natural fibers, which give it a uniquely soft feel. It tends to be denser than carpeting made from manmade fibers and is often associated with feelings of coziness and warmth. Its one-of-a-kind texture makes it perfect for rooms that receive little natural light or that are naturally less inviting, such as basements.

Eco-Friendly—Wool is a material that’s both renewable and biodegradable. No sheep are harmed in the process of making wool carpet and homeowners don’t have to worry about the presence of manmade chemicals in their flooring. This is great, especially for those looking to add natural elements to their home.

Here at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake we look forward to helping you find the perfect carpet for your home. Although wool carpet is an excellent option we offer a wide selection, which we encourage you to take a look at in our product gallery. We serve the greater White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis areas and offer free consultations. Call us today!

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