Over and over again, White Bear Lake homeowners turn to hardwoods as their favorite flooring. And ash is one species that has been dependable and well-loved for years! If you’re looking for a classic hardwood floor, look no further. Our experts at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake are here to explore all things ash hardwood!

ash hardwood flooring white bear lakeAttractive

There’s no doubt hardwoods add stunning natural beauty into your home. Ash is particularly attractive due to its distinctive pale tones paired with prominent wood graining. When you cut into an ash tree, the color of the wood is nearly pure white. As a floor, the colors range from cool blond to light brown. And the graining does tend to be a bit darker, which creates eye-catching texture.


The prominent graining in ash is not only visually appealing, but it serves a great purpose for busy households. If you have pets or playful children in your family, you might be concerned over damage to your hardwoods. Luckily, the streaks of graining in ash will successfully hide any unwanted scratches. Light colored floors are also best for hiding messes like pet hair and dust. Beyond the functional side and into the interior design world, light hardwoods are very desirable for their clean, minimalist look. They provide a great neutral background for any décor!

ash hardwood flooring white bear lakeDurable

Clearly there is quite a lot to love about the aesthetic of ash. But, for a domestic hardwood, it also has appealing durability. When we talk about how strong and durable a hardwood is we often refer to its Janka Score, which measures how hard the hardwood truly is. Ash comes in with a score of 1320, which is actually moderately high. In fact, baseball bats and ladders (two items that demand durability) are often made out of ash. A durable floor will successfully stand up to daily wear and tear.

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Ash is all around an excellent hardwood flooring choice. For all of your flooring needs, give our experts a call at Floor Coverings International White Bear Lake and schedule your free, in-home consultation today! We proudly serve the surrounding areas of White Bear Lake, St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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