Cherry hardwood floors come in a variety of hues with various degrees of a red tint that make any interior alluring and beautiful. When you want a floor with an air of sophistication, cherry hardwood floors make an excellent choice.

Cherry hardwood floors in White Bear Lake

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Great Natural Beauty and Design Potential

When it comes to cherry hardwoods, you can go with either a domestic or exotic species. Between these different species, you can choose from a variety of hues ranging from medium brown to deep, rich reddish brown. The distinctive hint of red in all of these varieties set cherry hardwoods apart from other kinds of wood. In addition, the texture of this species is also incredibly smooth when finished. To suit your design needs, you can also choose narrow or wide planks.

How to Care for Your Cherry Hardwood Floors

Like many other species of wood, cherry hardwoods are sensitive to light. However, instead of fading when exposed to UV rays, this wood darkens. Though oxidation also plays a role in the darkening over time, the best way to slow down this change is to install cherry flooring in a room where there isn’t too much direct sunlight. Or you can use blinds, curtains, and window screens to mitigate the damaging effects of the sun.

Domestic cherry hardwoods may be vulnerable to surface damage, so they are best installed in rooms with lower foot traffic in order to reduce the risk of impacts and scratches. Cleaning these floors is easy with regular sweeping, light vacuuming, and mopping them with floor cleaners that are specially made for wood.

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