white bear lake mahogany hardwood floor Mahogany is a renowned hardwood of luxury, regarded by many as a deluxe option for flooring. It possesses an undeniable and rich texture, furnishing the eye with long, dark grain and natural, red-brown tones that look good enough to go without staining.

All this plus mahogany’s supreme toughness, and it’s no surprise to us that this hardwood boasts a grand reputation! Here is the lowdown on mahogany’s many virtues for use in your Woodbury home.

Tough Mahogany

Mahogany is a reliably smooth hardwood, featuring few-to-no pockets or other divots in its surface. On the Janka hardness test, most species of mahogany rank very highly, which means that it is almost impervious to dents by most normal means.

Unlike a good many other hardwoods, mahogany is cut from quartered logs, making it quite unlikely to warp with changes in humidity and seasonal shifting. Additionally, mahogany is so resilient to scratches and scuffs that it needs refinishing far less often than other hardwoods.

Mahogany and Sunlight

Mahogany has a curious relationship with the sun. Where most hardwoods fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight, mahogany gets darker! It takes a long time with much sun exposure for this to happen, but even stoic mahogany is not immune to the sun. Many owners of mahogany floors will acquire their wood at a lighter tone to mitigate this effect.

white bear lake mahogany hardwood floor


For homeowners with an eye toward the future, mahogany is a notorious booster of resale value. But this does price mahogany with other deluxe hardwoods, making it a greater investment than some other flooring materials.

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